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Drain Valve


Globe sampler valves and Drain Valves and Accessories


1” and 2” sizes and rated at 200 lb


Oil-immersed power distribution transformer




Drain Valves

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    • Commodity name: Drain Valve
    • Commodity ID: 1105555477480755200
    • 规格1: 1” and 2” sizes and rated at 200 lb
    • 应用: Oil-immersed power distribution transformer
    • 类型: Valves
    • 特征: Drain Valves

    Globe sampler valves and Drain Valves and Accessories

    The brass body globe sampler valves are designed for sampling, filling, or draining coolant from an electrical apparatus. The

    “Drain Valve with Sampler” has an integral sampling device on the outlet side of the valve. All gaskets throughout the valve

    are “Viton” for compatibility with all insulating fluids. The large port opening insures minimum flow resistance. Drain Valves

    with samplers are available in 1” and 2” sizes and rated at 200 lb. WOG. Drain Valves are also available in Stainless Steel.

    H-J International maintains a large inventory of Drain Valves and Accessories and can provide a variety of custom manufactured

    valves for transformer & switchgear applications. Valves can be ordered with “custom” installed pipe plugs, nipples or both.

    In addition, H-J can furnish various pre-applied thread sealers and threadlockers on the valves, plugs and nipples. Among

    these products are Vibra-Seal 516 from Loctite Corporation, SAF-T-LOK S90 from SAF-T-LOK Chemical Corporation and

    others. Give us a call with your next custom requirements and we will be sure to meet your needs.

  • Valve Body:Brass/Stainless

    Handle Nut:12-24 Hex Nut, w/Loctite 290 or 680 Applied




    Chain:Brass/Stainless Link Chain
    Stuff Nut:Brass/Stainless Nut w/Loctite and Viton “O” Ring

    Disc Nut:Brass/Stainless Nut w/Loctite

    Drain Fitting:Brass/tainless Nut w/Viton “O” Ring

    3/8” Sampler:Brass/Stainless