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MONI LOG® Offshore alarm system


Robust shock monitoring for platforms


5, 10, 20 or 50 g


For platforms shock monitoring


Shock monitoring


Offshore system

  • Description
  • Type parameter
    • Commodity name: MONI LOG® Offshore alarm system
    • Commodity ID: 1105555653872209920
    • 规格1: 5, 10, 20 or 50 g
    • 应用: For platforms shock monitoring
    • 类型: Shock monitoring
    • 特征: Offshore system

    Robust shock monitoring for platforms

    Registers mechanical influences with the installation / operation of offshore plants


    Highly sensitive and long-term stable acceleration sensors


    Measures and analyses directions, strength, time, signal response of shock and vibration loading


    Alarm and operating indicator contacts for the integration of the system into the control technology


    Multi-purpose sensor for temperature / humidity / pressure


    Rugged and reliable, even under extreme climatic conditions


    Ease of operation, display, alarm function and long operating time


    Including powerful analysis software


    Secure against manipulation with multi-stage password protection


    Internal batteries for automatic function retention in case of grid failure

  • Shock measurement:

    100 shock events with the largest amplitude, three-dimensional, also stored as signal characteristic with 1.024 ms duration at 2 kHz

    sampling rate, measurement range 5, 10, 20 or 50 g, accuracy ± (2% measuring range and 5% measured value) as well as special

    versions, frequency range 1 ... 512 Hz (3 dB, digital frequency filter, Bessel 4th order), minimum shock duration and recording level

    adjustable for each shock direction.

    Inclination measurement:

    -1 g to +1 g corresponds to -90° to +90° inclination angle, additionally 64 acceleration curves in 3 spatial axes, dynamic range from

    0 to 1 Hz, measuring interval adjustable in minutes, recording duration up to 16.000 measuring intervals, self-calibrating in relation

    to the earth axis