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Current Transformer






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    • Commodity name: Current Transformer
    • Commodity ID: 1105555709421572096
    Meramec specializes in a broad range of instrument current  ransformers for a wide variety of applications, including power transformers, high voltage circuit breakers, large generators, and outdoor-rated station post and bushing slipover applications. Specialized protection applications include bushing linear couplers and gapped core transient response current transformers. Meramec is dedicated to continued expansion into new product areas.
    Meramec produced Internally Mounted Dry-Type Bushing Current Transformers and custom-designed current transformers designed for HV and MV Power Circuit Breaker .
    • BGCT——Board Mounted Bushing-Type Generator Current Transformer
    • MGCT——Encapsulated Bushing-Type Generator Current Transformer
    • SBCT——Outdoor Mounted Slip-Over Bushing Current Transformer
    • DBCT—— Internally Mounted Dry-Type Bushing Current Transformer
    • OBCT——Internally Mounted Oil-Type Bushing Current Transformer
    • Pre-assembled multi-core stacks  are available.
    • Other conduit openings are available  – threaded up to 1.5” NPT or  non threaded holes up to 52mm.
    • Designs can be made to match  existing CT characteristics.
    • Gapped cores for remanence  control and transient response  are available.
    • Windings may be provided with  special test taps.
    • Coils may be provided alone  (no board) with terminals  or flexible leads.