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Dry Type Transformer Fan






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    • Commodity name: Dry Type Transformer Fan
    • Commodity ID: 1105555680740921344

    Fans have been designed to be used in transformers with extra precautions different than the standard cooling fans.


    Fully enclosed motors up to IP66 protection class.


    It is possible to design&manufacture fans for requested assembly criterias for easy installation.


    It is possible to have corrosion class up to C5 and even with fully stainless steel materials.


    Fully enclosed grill guards in all directions are being used.


    Possible to design&manufacture fans for extreme ambient conditions.


    It is possible to adopt the fans for hazardous areas as ex-proof,UL certified motors,variable speed driven integration.


    Instead of standard application of F class insulation,it is possible to use H class insulation system.


    It is possible to integrate heater to the motors for condensation prevention and very low ambient temperatures endurance,overload protection with thermic,temperature controlling thermistor,special supply voltages and etc.