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MicroShockDetector shock recorder


Range ±8 g


For high-sensitivity devices transport or storage.


Data logger


Economic and ecological

  • Description
  • Type parameter
    • Commodity name: MicroShockDetector
    • Commodity ID: 1105555661342265344
    • 规格1: Range ±8 g
    • 应用: For high-sensitivity devices transport or storage.
    • 类型: Data logger
    • 特征: Economic and ecological

    MicroShockDetector shock recorder

    Records the 200 highest shock events with curve-plots · Stores up to10 curve-plots of the highest shocks


    Smart signal filtering and evaluation


    LED alarm indication of limit-value overshooting


    Continuous temperature recording


    User-friendly, easy to operate, long operating time independent of mains


    USB communication


    License-free PC software for configuration and assessment


    Customized configuration for recording time span over Start-Stop period


    Easy to install – by adhesive pad, screws or magnetic feet

  • Shock parameters:
    200 data records with the highest space vector amplitude, of which the 10 highest values with a curve-plots over 4 s, resolution 2 ms
    Acceleration sensor:
    3D-MEMS, measuring range ±8 g, 10mg resolution, accuracy: ±(0.2g and 2% measurement value),
    registering threshold from 0.25g
    lower limit frequency 1 Hz
    upper filter limit frequency 25 Hz fixed-adjusted
    Shock classification:
    Subdivision of shocks according to space vector amplitude into classes, number of shocks not limited
    >0.25 g, >0.5 g, >1 g, >1.5 g, >2 g, >3 g, >4 g, >5 g