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PRONAL STP separators


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Suitable for all sizes


Protect oil contained in transformers


Rubber capsules


No leakage

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    • Commodity name: PRONAL STP separators
    • Commodity ID: 1105555636272910336
    • 规格1: Suitable for all sizes
    • 应用: Protect oil contained in transformers
    • 类型: Rubber capsules
    • 特征: No leakage

    Contact us for price & availability Availability:In stock

      STP separators,also described as“bladders”,are designed to protect the oil contained in electrical transformers.They form a barrier between air and oil on the interior of hydraulic tanks.

      Impermeable to gases,oils and waters,quick and easy to deploy and with high levels of mechanical resistance,PRONAL STPs represent a high-performance option for tailor-made hydraulic compensators.

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  • Carefully read this manual before using the bag.

    Recommended using temperature :

    Without external mechanical stress : from - 50 to +120C

    With external mechanical stress : from - 20 to +110C **

    Avoid any contact with sharp elements or abrasive surfaces.

    Please strictly comply with the hereunder using conditions