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RIS Bushing


Transformer to Air with Dry-type insulation, RIP


25 - 230kV


For transformer


Dry-type bushing



  • Description
  • Type parameter
    • Commodity name: RIS Bushing
    • Commodity ID: 1105555590517248000
    • 规格1: 25 - 230kV
    • 应用: For transformer
    • 类型: Dry-type bushing
    • 特征: RIS

    Transformer to Air with Dry-type insulation, RIP

    DTOIA(S) Condenser bushings,25 - 230kV
    Transformer to Air with Dry-type insulation, RIP or RIS IEEE Standards C57.19.01-2000 and C57.19.00-2004

    DTOIA bushings are also available with RIS(Resin Impregnated Synthetic) insulation.
    The main performance and life expectancy restraintin RIP condenser bushings was found to be the paperitself. Paper is an organic material with inconsistentmaterial parameters, namely the moisture content.Too much moisture will cause high loss values, degradethe insulation system of the bushing, and possiblycause a premature failure. In order to compensate this,modern RIP bushings utilize drying systems duringthe manufacturing process.
    For shipment and storage, plastic bags with a dessicatebag or oil containers are used to protect the bushingFinding an alternative material to paper was not aneasy task, though, due to the fact that paper providesgood insulation characteristics and has been used inbushing and transformer manufacturing processesfor many years with continual optimization.Severalexperimentations were needed to findoptimal successor.
    Moser Glaser undertook this task by performing testson many materials in order to find a successor to thepaper. After research, Moser Glaser found a speciapolyester structural material which is an excellentalternative to paper.Moser Glaser performeda sequence of tests to qualify this solution:

  • Routine and type tests according to IEC 60137-2008. Specifications for the type tests were beyond the requirements of the standard.

    In addition several special tests have been developed to challenge this solution.

    • Adhesion test of direct moulded silicone on the RIS insulation
    • Special humidity test
    • Dynamic cantilever load tests
    • Temperature cycle test
    • Accelerated ageing test under high voltage