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HyVolt I IEC






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    • Commodity name: HyVolt I IEC
    • Commodity ID: 1105555553804505088

    Ergon’s HyVolt I is an uninhibited naphthenic insulating oil fully meeting the requirements of IEC 60296:2012 general specifications.

    HyVolt I has excellent oxidation stability and superior electrical and cooling properties, making it suitable for the most demanding requirements set by leading global transformer manufacturers.



    Insulating oil / transformer oil for: power and distribution transformers, switchgears and circuit breakers.



    HyVolt I fully meets the following international specifications:

    • IEC 60296:2012 for uninhibited transformer oil

    • Corrosive Tests: IEC 62535, ASTM D1275 and DIN 51353

    • ASTM D2140 naphthenic oil



    HyVolt I is a premium oil with the following characteristics:

    • Good Oxidation Stability Low acid and sludge formation when tested to IEC 61125 Method C

    • High Dielectric Strength Dielectric strength by far exceeding the most stringent international requirements

    • Excellent Cooling Properties Made from wax-free naphthenic crude which gives a naturally low pour point without the use of a pour point depressant


    Naphthenic Oil

    HyVolt I transformer oils are naphthenic oils as per definition (Cn>40% and Cp<50%) by IR Brandes.



    HyVolt I is fully miscible with insulating oils meeting the requirements set by IEC 60296:2012 general specifications.

    HyVolt I is also fully miscible with other oils meeting the ASTM D3487- 09 standard.



    HyVolt I is an uninhibited transformer oil and contains no undeclared additives

    • Antioxidant Free

    Tested as per IEC 60666

    • PCB Free

    Tested as per IEC 61619

    • DBDS Free

    Tested as per IEC 62697

    • Passivator Free

    Tested as per IEC 60666 • Metal Deactivator Free Detection method using HPLC / GC-MS